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Summer Auto Care

It’s officially summer, and you know what that means: time to take care of your vehicle. Whether it be the oil change or air filter replacement, there are a number of things that need to be done to ensure your car is running smoothly this season. Here are some tips for auto care during the summer months!

1) Get your oil and oil filter changed.

If you haven’t had your oil changed in a while, now is the time to make sure that there’s clean oil to keep your engine healthy.

2) Check your fluid levels.

When the seasons change, your car’s transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and even windshield wiper fluid can evaporate. Make sure they’re at a good level before taking your baby out for some fun in the sun!

3) Check your tire pressure.

Your tires are a key part of your safety while driving. If you see any signs that they need to be replaced, buy them right away so as not to endanger yourself and others on the road.

4) Get your brakes and battery inspected.

Keep the brakes working and stay safe on the road with a fully functioning set! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any signs of trouble like low gas levels, warning lights or clogs. A new battery is also important; it can give you peace of mind while driving that no matter what happens, there’s power in reserve.

5) Check your windshield. 

When the weather starts to shift, it’s important that you have your windshield inspected for any chips or cracks. Your windshield may be in bad shape over the winter months, and don’t forget about those blind spots! Let us know if you need a hand with anything today so we can take care of everything before more damage is done.

You might not think about it, but summer is a time for travel and adventure. This means that your car needs to be in the best shape possible if you want to enjoy these fun activities without any worries. That’s why Windshield Replacement Sacramento has made sure there are convenient mobile service appointments available at anytime of day or night so we can get your vehicle back up and running!

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